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A car music and navigation system controlled via gestures and projected on a heads up display.



A way for readers to search the weblogs of those they trust and respect using the Google Soap API.

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Controlled by American Sign Language gestures, the device allows the deaf to communicate as easily at a distance as they do when together.



A pervasive computing device designed to provide an emotional conduit between grandparents and grandchildren.



I designed and built a real estate website powered by Java Servlets and JDBC.


I worked as an interface designer and usability engineer at Global Food Exchange, an Ariba based supply chain management application for food traders.


I spearheaded the creation of a 2 minute promotional video for the Human Computer Interaction masters program at Carnegie Mellon. I secured the funding, gathered the source material, wrote the script, and directed production.

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A walk-up and use photo kiosk. The design evolved based on extensive user testing.

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An easy to use camera with minimal modes iteratively designed and tested.

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A redesigned Palm interface based on multiple HCI methods: contextual inquiry, heuristic evaluation, Model Human Processor, and cognitive walkthrough.

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Find out when the next bus is arriving using either a speech interface (VoiceXML) or WAP. Included a prototype, a business plan with cost projections, market analysis, and competitive evaluation.

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A system initiated beauty salon reminder service created to explore the idea of a generalized reminder system. The design evolved with user testing and included a prototype in Microsoft Speech.NET.



An automated Reading Tutor that displays stories on screen and listens to children read them aloud. Our team redesigned the teacher reporting tool.



I presented a hands-on introductory seminar in VoiceXML for the Language Technology Institute and the HCI student speakers series.

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A design for a voice or button/jogdial operated phone music player.

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Interaction Design
iWave: Gesture Interface
Trusted Blog Search
Yo'G: Deaf Communicator
HiBear: Family Connection
HomeBuyers: Real Estate
Global Food Exchange
HCI Masters Program Video

Picture Print: Photo Kiosk
Digital Camera Interface
Palm Redesign

Salon Reminder Service
Project Listen
Seminar on VoiceXML
Mobile Phone MP3 Player



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